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The Confucius Institute conducts research on citizens of Chinese origin in Central Germany. We already have group photos of the Chinese citizens of Leipzig on the day of the Japanese surrender in 1945. Unfortunately we don't know who is in the photos, we don't know their names or life stories, neither meeting places nor societies.

We are looking for more photos to learn more about the history of the people depicted, also for interview partners and other historical testimonies. The research period is 1911-1949 (Republic of China) and 1949-1989 (PR China to the end of the GDR).

If you recognize someone in the photos or have any other knowledge of the above points, we would be happy if you contact us!

Contact: Linus Schlueter 0341-9730391 /

莱比锡孔子学院正在开展一项关于“德国中部的中国人”的研究。 例如,这里有一张1945年日军投降当天莱比锡中国公民的集体照。 很可惜的是,我们不知道照片中的人,也不知道他们的名字或生活故事,关于照片中的聚会场所或组织也所知寥寥。


目前我们正在探索照片中所描绘人物的历史,寻找更多相关历史照片,采访相关历史人物。 研究历史阶段包括:1911-1949年(中华民国)和1949-1989年(新中国成立至东德末期)。


联系人:Linus Schlüter