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Renmin University's Summer School

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2022: Online from July 11th to July 29th, apply scholarship before May 1st

Application Instructions
The RUC International Summer School (ISS) has drawn wide attention both at home and abroad since its launching in 2009. In recent years, RUC ISS welcomes around 500 international students, 3000 RUC students, and over 100 faculty members from home and abroad every July. Considering the ongoing situation of COVID-19, 2022 ISS will be held online from July 11th to July 29th.
Students from RUC partner universities and Confucius Institutes are welcomed to join us online in 2022 RUC International Summer School!

2022 RUC ISS will last from July 11th to July 29th. The end time of your ISS may vary according to the timetables of courses you select.
Time and Website for Registration and Course Selection

Application Procedures

Step 1 Register
Register and fill your basic information in the above registration website.
After submitting your application information, please wait for the information review and the
following steps can be continued after being approved.

Step 2 Check courses
RUC ISS will have 120 courses for you to select ( Before paying the registration and tuition fees, please make sure you have preferred courses to select and can be selected without time clash if you plan to select more than one course.

Step 3 Pay registration and tuition fees (if needed)
Amount: RUC ISS Office will decide whether you need to pay the fees according to the nomination of your university. If needed, the fees should be paid before selecting courses.
The registration fee is 800 yuan and the tuition fee is10000 yuan in March, 11000 yuan in April and 12000 yuan in May for you to select 1-2 courses. And one more course needs to pay additional 2,000 yuan.
Methods and commission rates: Chinese bank cards, oversea bank cards and Ali pay and Wechat pay are all supported to use. If you use oversea bank cards, the commission fee (2.8%) needs to be paid together with the registration and tuition.

Step 4 Select courses
Once the registration and tuition fees have been paid (if needed), the courses can be selected. RUC students usually select courses in early June after the end of the course selection by non-RUC students. If the course you have selected has less than 5 students, which is quite rare, the course will be canceled and you will have to change your course. If that happens, we will inform you through email instantly. And courses can only be dropped before the third class. As for students from Confucius Institute, one of the selected courses needs to be
Chinese language training course.

Online Teaching Platform
Voov Meeting will be used during RUC ISS online teaching. Please install Voov Meeting in advance. The teaching assistant of your class will contact you through email about how to join the online class. If your internet connection is unstable and even fail to connect the online class, you can drop the course before the third class.

Score Check
Generally, the scores of your selected courses can be checked in the course selection system after one week of the end of the course. Before checking the score, please complete the teaching evaluation and questionnaire.

Teaching Evaluation and Questionnaire
For improving our summer school, your ideas about our program mean a lot. Please kindly complete the Teaching Evaluation and Questionnaire.

Your transcript will be posted to your university in early September. If you need scanned copies of your transcript in the future, please contact us.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

Address: Academic Affairs Office, Room 603, Chongde East Building, Renmin University of China, 59 Zhongguancun Street, Beijing, China.
Post Code: 100872
Tel: 0086-10-62511150
Webseite with registration: | Admission procedures

Course Overview & detailled Course programme with Syllabus and Time schedule
Time table is Beijing time, time difference Berlin - Beijing is 6 h.