Chinese map studies, GIS method and the communication of the east and west in history

Guo Yongqin (Guangdong Foreign Studies University)


China has a long time history of map making. It differs from the western cartography, nevertheless, technologies of cartography in the West and East both influenced each other since the early modern period. The lecture puts its focus on the historical development of Chinese cartography techniques like landscape painting style, grid square style and graticules style. Furthermore there will be a discussion about the cultural communication between the East and the West.

Guo Yongqin's research focuses on economy history, historical geography and map history. He wrote his dissertation about  land and labor tax in Qing Dynasty from the historical geography perspective. Guo Yongqin works at Guangdong Foreign Studies University, but is currently at International Institute of social history, Amsterdam for a quantitative economical history series program

  • Mo, 24. Apr 2017, 18.00 Uhr

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