Programmheft APR-JUL 2024:

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The Matriarch, the Duchess, the Queen, and the Countess: Aristocratic Patronesses of the Chinese Catholic Mission

Prof. Eugenio Menegon (Boston U.)

This talk highlights the significant roles of four elite women from different cultural and geographical backgrounds in supporting Jesuit missions in China during the early modern period. Through financial support, political influence, and extensive correspondence, these women—Candida Xu from China, Maria de Guadalupe de Lencastre from Portugal, Maria Anna Habsburg of Austria, and Maria Theresia von Fugger-Wellenburg from Bavaria—extended their patronage to Jesuit missionaries. Their efforts not only facilitated the spread of Catholicism in China but also showcased the impact of feminine spirituality and influence across continents, bridging distances between Europe and Asia through their dedication and support.

Dieser Vortrag findet auf Englisch statt.

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  • Di, 25. Juni 18.00 - 19.30 Uhr