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孔子新汉学计划 Confucius China Studies Program

Hanban fördert graduierte Forschungs- und Ph.D-Programme; darüber hinaus werden Zuschüsse zu Konferenzen und Publikationen gewährt.

Bewerbungen für die Ph.D.-Programme werden ab September angenommen. Bewerbungsfrist ist in der Regel im Februar, im April/Mai wird ein (telefonisches) Auswahlgespräch durchgeführt und im Juni erfolgt die Mitteilung über die Stipendiengewährung. Bewerbungen sind über das Online-Portal digital einzureichen und auch postalisch, ggf. noch bei der betreuenden Universität in China. Es gibt eine Vorauswahl an Lehrstühlen an 16 Universitäten in China (Übersicht in Chinesisch) - Sie können aber auch selber einen Lehrstuhl an einer Universität in China vorschlagen, an dem Ihre Promotion oder Forschungsaufenthalt betreut wird.

Homepage "Confucius China Studies Program"

Adresse: Confucius Institute Headquarters, 129 Deshengmenwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China. 100088 [汉学研究工作处,孔子学院总部/国家汉办,北京市西城区德胜门外大街129号,100088]

Tel: +86 10 58595756
Fax: +86 10 58595762
Geben Sie bei Rückfragen bitte auch Ihre Bewerbungsnummer vom Online-Portal an (Bsp: CCSPFRA1500000)

2. 来华攻读博士学位项目 Ph.D. in China Fellowship
Support foreign students to pursue full-time Ph.D. degrees in the humanities and social sciences at Chinese universities.

Duration: three to four years


  • Lodging and living stipend: 80,000 RMB per year;
  • Research fund: 20,000 RMB per year
  • Round-trip international airfare;
  • Tuition;
  • Other support provided by the host Chinese university;
  • Expenses for life and medical insurances in China.
  • Group activities and cultural experience.


  • non-Chinese citizen
  • language proficiency, at least HSK 5 (score report not older than 2 years)
  • MA-certificate and doctoral research statement
  • two recommendation letters from scholars in related field

Deadline in 2018/2019: 2018-FEB-13; 23:59 Beijing-Time

further details and all required application documents

3. 理解中国访问学者项目 "Understanding China" Fellowship

 This fellowship consists of the following three categories:

  • 1. "Understanding China" Visiting Scholar to China >> details
  • 2. "Understanding China" Short-term visit >> details
  • 3. "Understanding China" Chinese Visiting Scholar >> details

4. 青年领袖项目 Young Leaders Fellowship

Support outstanding youths who have been awarded at least a Bachelor’s Degree and hold a certain position in the field of politics, economics, finance, law, education, culture, arts, and media to visit China;

Duration: From two weeks to six months.


  • Accommodation and travel expenses in China;
  • Round-trip international airfare (economy class, to be reimbursed against actual cost);
  • Expenses for life and medical insurances in China.

further details

5. 出版资助项目 Publication Grant

Publication Grant supports foreign scholars to publish or translate relevant monographs, doctoral dissertations, or founding relevant academic journals on Sinology and/or China Studies.

The leading applicant must be non-Chinese citizen, and the book will be published in other countries and areas than P.R.China.

The grant covers expenses for editing, translation, publication, circulation and advertising. The exact expenses will be approved according to the application.

further details

6. 国际会议项目 International Conference Grant

The International Conference Grant is aimed at supporting Confucius Institutes, universities, research institutes, and scholars to hold or attend international academic conferences on Sinology and/or China Studies.


  • The accommodation and travel expenses of conference speakers;
  • Registration fees;
  • Publication fees of conference proceedings.

further details