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Chinese Courses


Our language courses are built on daily, practical topic and thus offer you optimal tools for everyday life, studies, occupation and more. We foremost focus on the skills of reading, speaking and listening to Chinese; writing the most important characters is also being taught. The courses build on one another and can easily be continued in the following trimesters. The textbooks can be purchased or borrowed in Confucius-Institute. If needed, additional, individual lessons can also be arranged.

The contents of our language courses follow the CEFR (Common European Framework of References for Languages) regulations for languages.

A 1.1
A 1.2
A 1.3
A 1.4


After completing the four successive A1-courses you can understandand use familiar expressions and easy sentences used in daily life. Topics: greeting, introducing people and family, numbers, asking for the price, going shopping, fruit and vegetables

Textbook: Long Neu, chapter 1-9 (GERMAN)

A 2.1
A 2.2
A 2.3
A 2.4

You can inform yourseld in easy, routine situations. Topics: Weekdays, date, in the restaurant, locatoin information, naming means of communication, indicating professions and responsibilities, free time, in the hotel, transport, travelling. We separate the A2-level in four courses that build on each other.

Textbook: Long Neu, chapter 10-16 (GERMAN)

Sie können sich in einfachen, routinemäßigen Situationen verständigen. Themen: Wochentage und Datum, im Restaurant, Ortsangabe, Kommunikationsmittel benennen, Berufe und Zuständigkeiten angeben, Freizeit, im Hotel, Verkehrsmittel, Reisen. Wir unterteilen das A2-Niveau in vier aufeinander aufbauenden Kursen.
Lehrbuch Long Neu, Kapitel 10-16


Completing B1-level you are able to simply and coherently comment on familiar topics and personal filed of interest.


You are able to spontaniuosly and fluently communicate on a wide variety of topics.


You can express yourself clearly, structured and detailed on copmlex facts.